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Templar Tour


Full Day

75 €

About the Tour

In this tour we will visit the city of Tomar, the Convent of Christ and the Castle of Almourol

We begin our tour with the pick up at your hotel in Fátima at 9:30 a.m.

Stop 1
Our first stop is the historic center of Tomar - Known as the city of the Templar Knights, we will find colorful gardens by the banks of the river Nabão as well as religious sites of interest like the 15th century church of St. John the Baptist and the old synagogue.

Stop 2
Church of St. Maria dos Olivais - This gothic church was used as the burial place of the Templar Knights and later the Order of Christ, the Templars successor in Portugal.

Stop 3
Castle and Convent of Christ - In the middle ages this World Heritage Site was the headquarters of the portuguese Templar Knights. Around 12:30 we will descend to the city where a medieval lunch waits for us at the restaurant Taberna Antiqua.

Stop 4
Our last stop is the Almourol castle. Its construction was ordered by Gualdim Pais, the Grand Master of the portuguese Templars. It is located in a small island of the Tagus river, making this a strategic point in the defense of the Portuguese Kingdom. The passage to the castle is made by boat and our visit ends in this stunning castle.

Return to Fátima
Finished the tour we will arrive at Fátima around 5:30 p.m.